Holistic menopause coach, Stefanie Daniels, shares how to support a better nights sleep. 

Our hormones have a huge impact on multiple processes within our bodies! One of the main impacts is our very precious sleep which remains especially important during the menopausal years.

The Centres for Disease Control for Prevention states adults between 18 and 60 should aim for seven or more hours of sleep per night and emerging evidence points to menopause-associated hormone loss as a contributing factor to a greater risk of sleep disorders.

While insomnia affects many of us in the menopause, it doesn’t mean we must put all the blame on this lifestage. One study reported rates of insomnia halving after 80 women received sleep hygiene and relaxation exercise training so a good place to start is by trying to mentally untangle the impact stress is having on our sleep.

Aside from stress, there are other tips and tricks to help optimise your sleep, condition your brain to sleep at the same time every night and finally say goodbye to the afternoon slump! Here are some of my favourites:

  1. Make a sleep schedule – wake up at the same time each day and have a set bedtime.
  2. Limit any anxiety-inducing activity which will live rent-free in your head for the duration of the night (in fact remove all electronics from the bedroom as often as you can).
  3. If you have no choice but to be on your phone, invest in a pair of Blue Light Blocking glasses which reduces the amount of harmful light on your eyes.
  4. The energy from pink noise works like an acoustic camouflage, blocking out sounds that would otherwise raise red flags in our brain’s vigilant state.
  5. Lastly, begin each day getting outside (or stick your head out of the window if you can’t get outside) as close to sunrise as you can. View the sunlight for around 10 minutes with no sunglasses to kick-start your circadian rhythm (internal clock).

Take your time experimenting with different habits until you find the one that best suits you. Once you say goodbye to that afternoon slump, the ripple effect of having heightened focus, increased productivity and overall happier mood will be all the incentive you need.

Now, where did I put my sleep mask?

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