Karen Mack is 46-year-old, South African born, former elite athlete who is a qualified Sports and remedial massage expert with 27 years of experience in international elite sports. Supported by attaining Biokinetics and Mechanism of Action qualifications, Karen has a wealth of knowledge of health, wellbeing, and quality of life.  

A practicing sport therapist, operating under the name of ‘The Massage Therapist’, Karen has a broad range of clients from elite athletes, endurance athletes, recreational athletes, and fitness fanatics, as well as non-sport clients struggling with stress, anxiety, back problems, migraine, sleep issues and more. 

“It is important that when deciding which CBD brand to use that you do your research.  I chose Well Lab CBD because it is a premium product range with superior formulations including specifically selected and performance enhancing terpenes and herbs.  It is made in the UK and accredited to rigorous standards of testing and manufacture to give you confidence of the quality of product that you will receive”.

Karen understands first-hand the importance of health and wellbeing, from her professional past, as well as preparing for sports events, preventing sports injury, sport recovery and rehabilitation. Professionally coached by renowned running coaches Marius van der Watt and then Gavin Doyle when she moved to Cape Town, Karen has had the benefit of experiencing what is takes first-hand to be top of your game. 

“Sports and fitness wellbeing have been a large part of my life. I have lived and breathed sports from an early age and it is still a fundamental part of my every day.  I have had the benefit of working alongside Rugby renowned Coaches, Sports Massage Therapists and Physiotherapists.  Working in an industry where new and innovative treatments really add value to sports performance and injury recovery is important to me.  Outside of sport these techniques can be transferred to really improving well-being and quality of people’s life both physically and mentally”. 

Now residing in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, Karen’s extensive experience includes working with leading rugby teams in South Africa, Australia, Northern Ireland and here in the UK. These include well-known names: Springbok Tri Nation Squad, Leicester Tigers, Villagers Rugby Club, The Stormers Super 12, The Scottish Borders Rugby Team, Ulster Rugby Team and ACT Brumbies.

Karen throughout her career has always looked to alternative therapies to help prevent and aid injuries for her clients. After researching and using CBD on herself and clients alike, Karen very much believes it should be part of any sports or fitness programme whether that’s an elite athlete or a total novice.

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